How to Make A Habit of Eating Less?

There are many of us who strive hard with their weight problems but still have the health condition known as “I Just Can’t stop Eating”. Well here are a few tips that can activate your metabolism and help you eat less at the same time.

Fine Dining, it’s all about Presentation:

No need to spend over 50 bucks in an expensive restaurant. All you need is available at home with some plating skills and a lot of patience. Suppose you got boiled rice and a really gratifyingly yummy curry cooked at home. Take a nicely shaped plate and lay your food on it in an aesthetic array. Take a normal desert bowl and fill it up with rice, invert it on the plate and voila a restaurant quality presentation.

Dig a small well in the middle of the rice and pour your gravy in it. Leave a gravy trail on the plate like an artistic brush and throw in some snippets of salad veggies like carrots, rocket and celery. Eat with a fork as this will delay your bite timings telling your brain that enough time is spent on eating. It’s small but incredibly filling as it has all the textures you need.

Water is your friend, forget the cola:

Water is what you want but not during the meals. Prefer it at times that you usually have fizz. Water releases oxygen to your brain which helps activate the neurons and purifies your body leaving you felling refreshed and happy. Make it a habit of having around 2 liters in 2 hours. This will drastically increase your metabolism and keep you refreshed all day long.

Salads are perfect:

Instead of going for a pack of chips and other bakery stuff why not try a crispy carrot and lettuce salad with lemon and olive oil vinaigrette? This will boost up your metabolism and the textures induced will give you a similar feeling of chips crunch. This combination helps purify the blood and gives you the freshness that actresses always show.

Above all don’t measure your progress in Kgs lost. Check it with falling dress sizes. It helps you feel like you have accomplished something and it boosts our egos to fit into old tight dresses doesn’t it.

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