Why is my Hair Falling Out? – Hair Fall Test

Hair Loss is a common phenomenon these days. In today’s world with so much impurities around us little hair fall is considered normal. How? There is a small test to check what type of hair fall you have and whether you should worry about it or not.

Simple Test for Hair Fall

Run your fingers through your hair. Take around 60 hair in your fingers and pull them. Now if you have around 5-8 hair that came out, your hair fall is normal. You should start to worry if around 15 or more hair come out during this test. If you fall in the latter category then you need to take preventive measures for your hair fall. Now you know your hair fall is because of some unnatural reasons.

Reason for daily hair fall

Well you might be wondering why do I even lose 5-8 hair? Is my hair falling out a real problem? Let me explain! There are approximately 90% hair that are at their growing stage at all times while 10% are those which are just resting and will break themselves giving way to fresh hair on your scalp.

So these 5-8 hair that came out during the test are the part of those 10% for which you need not worry about. You know you have a hair fall problem when your fresh hair proportion starts to come out and if your hair fall during the test is way more than 15 hair it’s time for a hair treatment.

Reason why you have an abnormal hair loss may be because of the following factors that you should work on in order to prevent your hair falling out.

  1. Tension or stress causes excessive hair loss. Staying happy has its perks. 🙂
  2. Taking burden of work is another reason for your hair falling out. Take out some time off work at times and spend it with your family, kids or friends to release your work-load stress.
  3. Poor Diet – This is one of the most common causes of hair fall. Try eating in proper proportions. Make your diet balanced as much as you can.
  4. Exposure to Sun – When ever you go out in scorching and beaming sun, make sure to cover your head. Do not expose your hair to sunlight for long.
  5. Use of chemical – Do not use unnecessary chemicals on your hair or if possible until your hair fall out problem gets sorted out, try to avoid perming and colorants.
  6. Unhygienic Scalp – Make sure to keep your scalp keep by regular shampoo. Dandruff may also be the reason for your hair falling out. If you have dandruff issues read How to Get Rid of Dandruff?

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