Home Remedies for Stomach Pain After Eating

Stomach pain after eating is a very common problem that affects all ages which is as a result of different reasons. Depending on your stomach resistivity, the common causes for stomach pain could be like over-eating, food allergies, ulcers, constipation, abdomen virus, gas similar diseases.

If the pain is simply too sharp and acute one should always consult a doctor however in order to induce some relief from the pain there are some home remedy measures that can be exercised.

1. Peppermint

To fix the stomach pain mint may be a smart home remedy. Merely take few mint leaves and chew them. or else try getting ready a cup of tea with mint leaves to induce the relief from stomach pain.

Heat a cup of water and toss few mint leaves in it, boil it for some time, strain the tea and drink it. Mint additionally helps for the right digestion, it is capable to cure loss for appetite, and also can be used to reduce menstrual pain.

2. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera as you might know is a king home remedy for various diseases. The medical properties of Aloe Vera helps in fighting the germs which helps in reducing the stomach pain.

Drink half cup of Aloe Vera juice to cut back reasonably varied internal organ issues. Aloe Vera is also recommended to treat the stomach pains arising out of diarrhea, constipation, gas, cramps and bloating.

3. Lemon Water

Lemon juice with the mix of boiled water helps to treat the stomach pain. Squeeze half lemon into a glass of water, stir it and drink it .

4. Baking Soda

Baking Soda is similar to Alkalizers, that helps the acidity and indigestion. Mix a tablespoon of hydrogen carbonate with hot water and drink it to induce immediate results.

5. Ginger

Ginger with its medicine properties and alternative health advantages regulates the digestion and reduces the abdomen pain. Fresh ginger works better and fast as compared to dry one. Toss few recent ginger pieces in hot water, now strain and drink it to induce relaxation.

However, if you can’t resist spicy foods choose other forms like ginger supplements that you’ll be able to find easily in the market.

6. Warm Rice

Applying heat to where it’s paining is an efficient home remedy to settle down the matter. If you do not have a heat pad, take a fabric and rice. Heat a cup of rice in an exceedingly bowl and pour them within the fabric, tie its mouth and use to apply pressure on the abdomen.

Make sure you’re not compressing the material terribly tight, leave some space in so that the grains can move around. And additionally check the hotness, if it’s too hot watch for a moment or 2 and follow the remaining method. Add few dried lavender or camomile flowers to the pack to feel the aroma.

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